The Pediatric Public Health Initiative invites mothers and their biological children to join our research study called Impact of Resilience, Interventions, Stress, and Environmental Exposure (IRISE) in Flint.

What is the purpose?

Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and led by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, the purpose of the IRISE research study is to understand how lead exposure impacts children and identify sources of resilience. This knowledge may help community members in Flint provide children with the best interventions and may be generalizable to the large number of children in the United States who face similar experiences.

Who is eligible?

We are inviting mothers and their biological child currently age 4½ to 6 years old who lived in the City of Flint between April 2014 and October 2015 to participate in the IRISE study.

What will I do?

Children will complete an in-depth developmental assessment. Mothers will complete questionnaires and an interview about their child's development and behaviors, and about their own well-being. We will also ask you to save your child’s baby teeth and send to us when they fall out on their own.

What do I receive?

As a thank you for your time and participation in the study, you will receive $100 and your child will receive a small toy. You will also receive the results of your child’s developmental evaluation.

Contact information

Please contact us to learn more about IRISE. You can call us at 810-600-5642 or email us at IRISE-Flint@hc.msu.edu.  If you email us, please be sure to provide your name and information on how we can contact you.