Flint Tooth Fairy

Flint Tooth Fairy

Join the Flint Tooth Fairy Study

The Flint Assessment of In-utero and at-Risk Young (FAIRY) study is led by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha and Michigan State University.

What Will I Do?

If you agree to join, you will complete an online survey that includes questions about where you lived and what your child ate and drank.

Then, we will mail you an envelope with prepaid postage to send us your child's healthy and whole baby teeth when they fall out naturally.

We hope you send us as many teeth as possible.

You do not need to leave your home or have any in-person contact to be in this study.

Who is Eligible?

We are inviting Flint mothers and their biological children who enrolled in the Flint Registry and said they were willing to be contacted about future studies.

Eligible participants include:

  • Flint kids born between January 1, 2011, and December 31, 2015
  • Mothers must be 18 years or older and understand English
  • Enrolled in the Flint Registry

What Do I Receive?

  • You could receive up to a total of $100 for being part of this study.
  • You would first receive $25 by email for completing the survey.
  • You would also receive $25 for each baby tooth you mail us, for up to $75 for 3 teeth.
  • You will not receive the results of your child's tooth analysis.

What is the Flint Tooth FAIRY Study?

We are trying to learn more about Flint’s lead crisis by studying children's teeth.

Teeth can be analyzed with a special machine to find out about lead exposure when a child was younger. This kind of test is not usually done so we do not know what one child's results mean. The findings from this research are only meaningful when combined with many other kids’ results to look for patterns; therefore, you will not receive the results of your child’s tooth analysis.

This study's goal is to collect baby teeth from many Flint kids.

We hope that we can learn more about lead-in-water problems and better protect children in the future.

What if I Have Questions?

Phone: 810-600-5642
Email: chm.flinttoothfairy@msu.edu


View additional information and consent form here.